How would you live differently if you knew
exactly how your environment was affecting you?

Welcome to TZOA (pronounced 'zoa') – the world’s most advanced Enviro-Tracker. TZOA uses internal sensors to measure your air quality, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ambient light and UV (sun) exposure all in one wearable device. By connecting TZOA to your smartphone, you can view your readings and receive recommendations. It's your environment at your fingertips.

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By using TZOA you will be helping to create a crowdsourced map of environmental data in real-time. This will allow you to make lifestyle decisions such as where to find the freshest air to go for a run, where to plan a picnic, or even allow you to find the hotspots of air pollution in your neighborhood so that you can help fix them and live a healthier life. 

Our air quality sensor counts individual particles, displays concentrations, and distinguishes between PM10, which tends to be allergens, and PM2.5, which is more harmful to human health. TZOA's data will stream onto the TZOA smartphone app which will then be sent to the cloud in order to create large-scale maps for everyone to view. Compare your neighborhood to others, or even use the data to plan your travel accommodations abroad to find the cleanest area to stay in. 

TZOA will also give you actionable recommendations, such as opening your windows for ventilation, choosing less polluted routes, and making sure you are getting enough sunshine through the winter seasons and not too much during the summer seasons. 

Our vision with TZOA is to create a social movement for environmental change. We believe awareness leads to advocacy, which leads to action - helping perpetuate innovation and green technology. Together we can democratize data.

MistyWest Engineering Firm in Vancouver Canada was integral in helping TZOA develop its initial sensor technology, taking it from concept to production, 
and continues to help the TZOA engineering team as we continue to develop novel sensor technology and innovative products.