TZOA has joined Wearable World: the premiere wearable tech & IOT business accelerator in San Francisco

We are excited to announce our acceptance into the San Francisco based Wearable World Labs Accelerator. WWLabs is the first accelerator of its kind to focus on wearable technologies and the Internet of Thing (IOT) connected devices.

What if TZOA knew when you were cooking, and automatically turned on your hood fan? Imagine if your whole HVAC system, air purifiers, and ventilation worked in concert to improve your health via the data collected by TZOA.  

Our partnership with Wearable World Labs will allow us to explore these possibilities and make TZOA a better product for you. We think TZOA should not only visualize data, but also provide real actionable advice, and take actions on your behalf to keep you healthy. 

We've joined the WWLabs' self-described family, and family is forever; however a few of us are heading down to San Francisco immediately for the 3 month accelerator program. This is an opportunity to work with manufacturing veterans; experts who have built other wearable devices such as the Grush; and crowdfunding experts who have launched campaigns like Skully.

The WWLabs program just moved locations into the Innovation Hangar in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts. The CEO of TZOA, Kevin R. Hart, will be traveling to San Francisco for several months while the engineers in Vancouver, Canada continue to refine the TZOA product and prepare for our release. 

If you are in the bay area please feel free to reach out to us! If you know of any companies, groups or individuals in San Francisco that might benefit from meeting with the TZOA team, we would love to chat. 

TZOA is making a lot of progress and working towards a huge launch this spring, bigger and better than ever. We're glad that you're part of it! 

-Kevin R. Hart, Team TZOA 
info [at] mytzoa [dot] com