TZOA’s new crowdfunding campaign is launching on Indiegogo just past midnight tonight (12:30am PST on Tuesday, May 19th 2015). This link will go live as soon as we launch the campaign tonight! 

 TZOA originally launched a Kickstarter campaign on November 18th 2014. Unfortunately we didn’t meet our goal; however, thanks to you - we learned a lot!

 We really appreciate all of the comments, private messages, and everyone who participated in our post-campaign survey. It’s now 6 months later and we’ve used all of these learnings to improve the TZOA product and build a stronger campaign. We can’t wait to show it off! 

 3 months ago we moved to San Francisco as part of the Wearable World Labs accelerator where we were introduced to the staff at Indiegogo. We quickly realized their crowdfunding platform would be a great fit for our new direction of a social impact campaign

 “What we’re really doing is selling a movement for clean air that is powered by the TZOA Enviro-Tracker.” - Kevin R. Hart, Co-Founder of TZOA.

 Indiegogo believed in our vision; they’ve provided us with their full support. This includes Alana Jesse, our campaign manager/strategist, who we meet with at their offices several times a week. We’re working with many new features and analytics that will help us greatly, and an API so that we can continue selling our product after this campaign is over. 

 From Alana to Ben, to Steve, and the digital marketing team, we have all of the resources we need to make this a successful campaign. Now all we need is you. Let’s #seetheair together! 

Team TZOA