Clean Air Tuesday is about connecting with your community to live in a cleaner environment. It's a monthly event held on a Tuesday and hosted by TZOA Ambassadors in cities around the world.  Attend one to connect with others around tech and sustainability. Let's create a healthy world!

Join our Google Clean Air Tuesday Community to stay in touch about upcoming events and tune in to what people are up to around the globe.


What Will we do?

There's no strict format. It's ultimately up to you and your TZOA Ambassador what you'll do. Some events will be structured and others will be casual get-togethers.  The goal is to meet, connect and build relationships with your community and to have fun exploring opportunities for creating environmental impact.  Check out some of the activities we're up to below and participate. If you have an idea, submit it!

For the first Clean Air Tuesday, your host will share a brief presentation and demo of the first TZOA devices currently being beta-tested, and you'll take part in a fun collaborative mapping activity. Ask questions, meet new people and identify sites to monitor in your community! 



Kick off Clean Air Tuesday with the activities below and create an impact with us, one Tuesday at a time!



Communities are directing our first devices to where they want to see the air.  Add a Place to co-create a map of where you want to see the air in your community and your TZOA Ambassador will respond. 


Show us where you see healthy environments and not-so-healthy environments by tagging your Instagram posts with #CLEANAIRTUESDAY. and then check out our collective vision! 


Have an idea for a way to connect with your community at a Clean Air Tuesday event?  Tell us and let's make it happen!