Privacy Policy

Version 1.1
This Privacy Statement for TZOA Products and Services (“Privacy Statement”) describes information that TZOA, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “TZOA”) collect, use, share, and store, including personal information (i.e., information that personally identifies you, such as your name, email address or billing information, or other data that can be reasonably used to infer this information).
This document focuses on information related to the operation of TZOA products and services, including the Haven App, Haven Installer App, and Haven Research (collectively, “TZOA Products”). In this Privacy Statement, the expression “TZOA Products” may also govern mobile apps, web services driving mobile service delivery, and any Subscription Services as defined in our Terms of Service.
1. TZOA will disclose to users of TZOA Products the data types that are collected by TZOA during the course of product use and what TZOA will do with the data that it collects from TZOA Products.
2. TZOA will ensure that informed consent is obtained by the user of TZOA Products regarding the data assets collected in the provision of service.
3. TZOA will disclose any 3rd party usage of data collected from TZOA Products, and obtain informed consent prior to the sharing of data assets.
4. TZOA will implement an information risk management, data security, and data privacy management program to safeguard data assets collected through TZOA Products.
The TZOA Products collects:
Information provided by the user during service setup, including Name of User, Physical Address of User, and Email Address of User.
Data captured by the TZOA Product environmental sensors during the service period.
Technical information from the device, device telemetry, and specific environmental data collected by the device.
Local Network configuration data to enable wireless
device communication.
TZOA uses information gathered by the service to provide, develop and improve TZOA Products. TZOA may use your personal contact information to communicate device or service status with you and to send you
other communications from TZOA. TZOA may use data collected through the service in an anonymized and combined context for research purposes and to help TZOA improve service delivery. TZOA may utilize 3rd party service providers to deliver service; such 3rd parties will be prevented from using or appropriating
TZOA data, and at no time will 3rd party providers have material access to the data collected under this
Policy. The sharing of data with service providers is controlled through technical means and explicitly restricts the sharing personally identifiable information for any other purpose, not outlined in this Policy or in the Terms of Service.
Information Provided by The User to the Installation Technician During Service Setup
During the provisioning of the TZOA Products, the installation technician will guide the user through the setup and activation process using information gathered from the user. This information allows TZOA
to enable the service and assist in the collection, management, and reporting of data collected by the service. This information is gathered by the installation technician using a secure mobile app to complete the enrolment procedure.
The user will verify personal information on the order to the installation technician (First Name, Last Name, Physical Address, Email Address, and Contact Phone Number), which is input into the secure mobile app
and securely transported for processing. To configure wireless networking connectivity for the device, the installation technician will pass the mobile device running the secure mobile app to the user, who then enters the SSID and Network Passphrase to connect the TZOA Product to the wireless network under
the users’ control. The App passes this authentication information to the device, where it is securely stored on-device; TZOA does not store or maintain any record of wireless networking authentication information in the secure mobile app once registration of service has been completed.
Once the installer has completed the device provisioning process, the installation technician will use the secure mobile app to download the configuration information on the device. Once the configuration information is validated on the device, the device will connect to the configured network and begin to transmit telemetry data. At the completion of the network connection validation process, the installation technician will use the mobile device to take a photograph of the installed the device and user’s HVAC system, which is added the customer file to assist in troubleshooting, quality assurance, training, and reporting purposes.
Data Collected by The TZOA Product Environmental Sensors
TZOA Products collect data from several environmental sensors built into the device. These sensors collect the following environmental data: current temperature, humidity, air pressure, and indoor air
quality metrics. These readings are associated to the device and to the device registrant, such that TZOA can identify the source of a given environmental reading and the contact information of the person nearest to where the environmental measurement took place. All environmental data collected by TZOA Products through onboard environmental sensors are the sole property of TZOA, Inc.
Technical Information from The Device
In order to provide the service and improve the user experience, TZOA collects information about the TZOA Products, including device type, device model, device ID (serial number, hardware network address, sensor
identifiers), local storage information (for devices with SD Card memory installed), software revision, IP networking and PAN configuration data, and all normal technical data collected by the device through its diagnostics and environmental sensors. Additionally TZOA collects information about user’s HVAC
system including technical specifications and filter details.
Wi-Fi Network:
To enable network connectivity of your TZOA Product, you will need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth PAN. During device setup, the installation technician will request that the user enter the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password to connect to the local network. This information is collected by the secure mobile app and is transferred to the device at the completion of device and user registration, and will use this information on the device, along with the device network address, so that the device can transmit environmental telemetry to TZOA authorized servers.
Email Address:
When the installation technician guides the user through the account creation process, the user will provide, and the installation technician will capture in the secure mobile app, their email address which is collected and securely stored by TZOA. This email address is the primary contact point for the user of the TZOA Product.
Personal Information:
Personal information about the user (including Full Name, Email Address, Telephone Number, and Physical Address) may be collected during the sign-up and account onboarding process. This information is used solely for account management and account identification purposes and is not
shared with or used by 3rd parties. See “Data Sharing Summary” for how personal information is used by the service.
Mobile location data:
If the TZOA Product is tethered to a mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), TZOA may collect technical information about the performance of the mobile device to be used in improving service and product quality. TZOA Products do require the reporting of device or user geolocation data as primary and material condition of service, and is only used to improve service delivery.
Wireless data:
Wireless-enabled TZOA Products may broadcast an identifying signal wirelessly. This is used to connect the TZOA Product with a local Wi-Fi Network. All wireless transport to the and from the device is conducted over encrypted transport channels data that is transmitted wireless is protected by strong transport encryption.
Environmental Sensor Telemetry data:
The TZOA Product is used as environmental state collection combined with a complementary software service which provides reports and insights into the data. The device accomplishes the collection of environmental quality factors through the use of onboard sensors that measure environmental quality criteria, with the TZOA Product transmitting such environmental data back to secure TZOA software systems for processing and analysis. Additionally, the device will occasionally send information about its current operating status to TZOA for service delivery improvements. All data transport is encrypted end-to-end for confidentially.
TZOA will never share personal information for any commercial or marketing purpose unrelated to the activation and delivery of TZOA Products and services without first obtaining user consent that freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. For instances where such consent is given by the User to TZOA, data may be shared under the following limited contexts:
For external processing:
TZOA utilizes 3rd party vendors, service providers, and technicians who assist with the collection, processing, transacting, and storage of data collected by the service. These 3rd parties are governed by TZOA’s Vendor Management Program and are contractually bound to defend the privacy of data assets collected by the TZOA Product. TZOA may utilize 3rd party monitoring tools and services to perform management and analysis activities on delivery of service. TZOA employs a technical data security and information risk management process to reduce privacy risk to data under governed under this policy.
As part of business transitions:
Upon the sale or transfer of the company and/or all or part of its assets, any data collected by a TZOA Product may be among the assets sold or transferred in the business transaction. The terms of the Privacy statement may survive such a business transition until the acquiring entity delivers an update to this Policy.
For legal purposes:
TZOA may disclose data covered under this Policy to legal authorities who present evidence of a lawful order requiring such access. This may include responses to lawful requests by public authorities in the United States and Canada, and from any other countries where TZOA is resident for the purposes of law enforcement and national security.
How can I manage personal information held by TZOA?
TZOA stores and processes data collected and submitted by the TZOA Product on servers under TZOA’s administrative control. Identifiable user data is securely stored on TZOA servers for as long the account is open, until the user erases it, or for as long as a business relationship is maintained with TZOA. All personal information is encrypted in storage and in transmission.
How can I contact TZOA?
For all inquiries regarding terms outlined this Privacy Policy, please send all correspondence to:
TZOA, Inc.
c/o Privacy Program Manager

2239 Oak Street, V6H 3W6 Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada
Or through our privacy email: